Design Prototypen

Photorealistische Visualisierung von Produkten in der Entstehungsphase.

Physikalisch korrekte Darstellung von Design Prototypen, die bis dahin in der Regel nur als digitales Datenmodell oder grobe Skizze sichtbar sind. Durch die Visualisierung erhalten Designer oft zum ersten Mal einen Eindruck davon, wie die im Modell angelegten Materialitäten in der finalen Produktion des Endproduktes aussehen werden.


—  Materialien
—  Oberflächen
—  Transparenzen
—  Patterns
—  Prägungen
—  Glanzkanten
—  Lampen Lichtstärke 
—  Leuchtkraft von Displays
—  u.v.m.


Für weitere Fragen zur Visualisierung von Prototypen erreichen Sie mich unter

Oder per Telefon unter ‭0173 56 25 09 2‬

The Perfume

The Perfume.

Core is built on top of Assembly, an incredibly flexible and powerfull drag and drop page builder, through which you can create impressive page layouts, Assembly allows any single element in this page to be re-arranged and resized at your will.

We placed at your disposal a total of 21 draggable modules so far, including galleries, columns, videos, sliders, categories and more modules to drop into your pages. Assembly is built in a modular way, which means it is extendable, we are building more modules that can be incorporated to your theme. Extensions are all available in Assembly Extensions.


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Core is built with speed, usability, flexibility and ease of use in mind.

Häng konsten lågt

Häng konsten lågt.

Portfolio items as well as any other page in Core, use our drag and drop page builder in order to facilitate the job when building your custom layout, it allows to freely add galleries, images, videos, sliders, columns, social media icons, buttons and much more, and re-arrange them your own way.


We at LOOP Themes are compromised to bring flexibility and ease of use to WordPress.


—  Branding
—  Identity
—  Development


Core is finally here to help you build a professional looking website.